Best paper award for the SUCSESS project

Fabulous news about the SUCSESS project! Our Sheffield Hallam partners Alisha Ali and Natalie Haynes won the Clive Robertson Award for Best Paper in Teaching and Learning at the CHME 2022 conference The Human Touch in Hospitality, which was organised at the Edinburgh Napier University in the end of May this year.  The paper was based on the work done in the SUCSESS project.

The SUCSESS project is getting famous in the academic circles. Congratulations, Alisha and Natalie!

You can read the abstract here:

"Adopting an engaged scholarship lens, this research investigates how university-industry collaboration can be strengthened through collaborative learning between universities in delivering hospitality and tourism management education to support youth employability in South Africa. Scholars have argued for hospitality and tourism programmes to have greater business engagement and provide graduates with industry-ready skills. This paper reports on an Erasmus+ funded project called SUCSESS which tackles the above issue from a different perspective by creating spaces for academics at different universities to co-produce this required knowledge. The findings demonstrate that academics are willing to engage in this type of activity and this learning is helping them to re-think their teaching and learning practices to be more industry engaged."