Introducing the Haaga-Helia UAS team from Finland

We would like to present to you the Haaga-Helia UAS Finland team working in the SUCSESS project:

From the left: Annika, Leena, Eva and Jarmo

Leena Grönroos

Senior Lecturer, MSc (Geography)

Leena is a Senior Lecturer in tourism management and project specialist at Haaga-Helia UAS in Finland. As a geographer, Leena is most interested in sustainable destination planning and management. Besides her work at the university, Leena gives sustainable tourism trainings for businesses via Visit Finland Academy. Leena is an experienced experiental learning coach. She loves to work with courses on crafting responsible tourism experiences, i.e. to organize a forum for students to design fresh suggestions for companies both in Lapland and Southern Finland.

Twitter: @lgronroos


Eva Holmberg

Senior Lecturer, MSc (Econ), Econ Lic.

Eva Holmberg is a Senior Lecturer at Haaga-Helia UAS.  She has been involved in several Erasmus+ financed projects during the last years and she is the project manager of the SUCSESS project. Besides working in projects, Eva teaches research and development related courses at both bachelor and master levels. Her background is in tourism studies and especially destination management and responsible tourism.



Annika Konttinen

Senior Lecturer, MSc (Econ.)

Annika Konttinen is a Senior Lecturer at Haaga-Helia UAS in Finland. She has a strong industry background in travel and tourism, and for the past 15 years she has been involved with tourism business education and competence-based curriculum design. Annika is involved in courses related to digital experience design, sustainable tourism and responsible business. She is particularly interested in coaching and experimenting with innovative pedagogical approaches. Currently, she is engaged in finding the perfect mix of human and digital interaction to inspire learning.

Twitter: @AnnikaKonttinen


Jarmo Ritalahti

Principal Lecturer, Lic.Phil.

Jarmo’s work at Haaga-Helia is teaching, researching and developing. He has been involved in several international projects closely related to the development of education. Furthermore, Jarmo is also developing a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees at Haaga-Helia UAS. As a researcher, he is interested in the future of travel agencies and tour operators, as well as in the development of higher education curricula and pedagogy. “There are two things I understood while I was studying to be a teacher. As a teacher, you should always try to be yourself, and that your students can also learn outside of the school.”


Ana Timonen

Team Leader, RDI Specialist

Ana works as R&D project specialist and team leader in Haaga-Helia Research and Development Support Services. She has a degree in pedagogical competences and Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management. She has 10 years of experience in European projects and her tasks in Haaga-Helia include administration and financial management of EU funded projects. She is also responsible for supporting Haaga-Helia’s staff in designing new projects.