Meet the SUCSESS team from University of Oulu

This week, we would like you to meet the sixth team of our SUCSESS project: Introducing to you the SUCSESS team from University of Oulu in Finland:

Jarkko Saarinen

Dr. Jarkko Saarinen is a professor of geography (tourism studies) at the University of Oulu, and Distinguished Visiting Professor (Sustainability Management) at the University of Johannesburg. His research and teaching interests include tourism and development, sustainability in tourism, tourism and climate change and tourism-community relations. Over the past 20 years he has been working extensively in the peripheral areas of southern Africa and northern (Arctic) Finland. He is Editor for the Tourism Geographies and Associate Editor for the Annals of Tourism Research and Journal of Ecotourism. Jarkko has coordinated several educational projects in southern Africa based on the Finnish Foreign Ministry and EU funding. He is the project manager for the Oulu team.


Kaarina Tervo-Kankare

Dr. Kaarina Tervo-Kankare works as a senior lecturer in tourism geography. Her research focuses on global climate change and sustainability in tourism and hospitality sector. Her main research themes include adaptation, sustainability, environmental behavior, tourism enterprises and destinations, and she has researched and taught these issues both in the Arctic and in Southern Africa. She has participated in several collaborative international teaching, research and development projects, the outcomes of which have been published in Finnish and international journals and books. Her pedagogical competence is strong, also in the field of virtual/digital education. Kaarina is a senior researcher on the SUSCESS project team.

Outi Kulusjärvi

Dr. Outi Kulusjärvi is a post-doctoral researcher in tourism geography at the Geography Research Unit, University of Oulu. Outi’s main research interest is to advance sustainability transformations in tourism economies by better understanding local economic agency and relation of tourism actors in destination communities. Outi’s work focuses on tourism development issues in sparsely populated rural areas. Outi has taught on the topics of destination development, tourism cooperation, sustainability and climate change mitigation. She has gained experience in online teaching and online education planning. She is a researcher on the SUCSESS project team.