New technology and Design Sprint in use at University of Johannesburg

New technology and tools are in use at the University of Johannesburg! The 2nd year students recently completed their practicals, which involved them using iPad tables provided through the SUCSESS Project. Also, students of the University of Johannesburg experimented with a new method when they took part in a Design Sprint for their occasional cake baking project for a profit turnout in the module Food and Beverage Studies 2B.

The University of Johannesburg’s School of Tourism and Hospitality 2nd year degree students concluded their Food and Beverage Studies kitchen practicals with an rigorous Design Sprint week with their lecturers Ms Melani and Ms Geyser. A Design Sprint is a teaching method that is used in product development, it enhances students ability to improve on their skills in product development, solve problems, creativity and to think critically.

In the context of this design sprint, the students were tasked to prepare and decorate an Occasional Cake that they would sell for a profit turnout. The students had to cost their cake recipe and set a price for their final occasional cake. They also had to put together a marketing and sales plan. The intention was for the students to make use of the Miro App, however, they felt that they needed additional training on the Miro App, we therefore made use of other options; blackboard, PowerPoint Presentation and the likes.

Industry collaboration played an integral role in the success of this project. Therefore, Ms Palesa Mokhine, an STH Alumni and owner of Taste by Odoro, an occasional cake company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Student feedback

The general feel is that students greatly enjoyed the experience of baking these occasional cakes in collaboration with Ms Mokhine. They also felt inspired that she is a former student of the STH. However, students felt that they needed additional exposure to pastry skills, particularly cake baking as it is a good entrepreneurial avenue that they could explore once they complete their studies. They also requested that in future, additional time could be allocated to training them on the Miro App, they enjoyed using the iPads allocated to them (through the SUCSESS Project) and were grateful for the experience. However, they were unable to fully make use of the Miro App.

Future and further use of the Design Sprint

We intend on continuing with the use of the Design Sprint in as part of the Food and Beverage Studies practical component of the module. We have noted the feedback from students, indeed additional time could be allocated to both the cake baking process and to the use of technology, being the Miro App. Our industry partner, Ms Mokhine advised that she would be thrilled to continue on this project with our students. We endeavour to improve on the planning and implementation of the project and possibly make it some sort of competition for the students, provided that students have received ample training.