Remembering the future

The final session made the participants think about the future.

The final session was started by writing down on Padlet what changes the participants are planning to do after the training. Many changes included incorporating more technology and new learning methods as well as cooperation with industry and other institutions.

Future thinking was done by “remembering the future”. There was an interesting blog post by futurist Jane McGonical:

In small groups, the participants came up with a narrative that included the changes, concrete actions, needed to reach a desired future by 2030. The 21st century skills – collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and complex problem-solving  - were used to complete the assignment!

Other important parts of today’s session were feedback and assessment of the first training. Initial ideas for the second training were also shared. We already know that it, too, will be online due to COVID-19.

The first training was an inspiring and insightful start for the training of the trainers. The two weeks included a lot of fruitful discussions, shared ideas and useful technological tools that can be put to use.

Now the process of planning the next training will start. We will keep you posted!