Focusing on industry and student perspectives on Friday

The third session of Training 1 of the SUCSESS project focused on advancing industry and student perspectives at university level and in lecturers' own work.

The afternoon went smoothly with discussions and presentations in Zoom. It included intense work on the Padlet platform and sharing ideas both in the break-out rooms and the main room in Zoom.

As a preassignment for the session, the participants had read the results of the Gap report which highlighted the gaps between the needs of the industry and the skills of the students when they graduate. The discussions during the session were fruitful and many ideas were shared among the participants about how to support the students’ entrepreneurial skills and work environment understanding to enhance their employability. Many practical solutions and important skills were suggested by the participants. The participants shared their expriences of technological solutions that have become useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the third session, the participants also used tools that can be used to enhance the technological and cooperation skills of the students.

Great to see the spirit of the SUCSESS project come to life. We all look forward to the next week of trainings starting on Monday. More discussions about pedagogical approaches and ways to cooperate with the industry are in store for us next week.