Student webinar for the SUCSESS project

On Wednesday 27 October 2021, we had the chance to join a webinar organised for the SUCSESS project by the third semester tourism and event management students of Haaga-Helia Porvoo campus. The title of the webinar was "Preparing in University for post University Career".

The students hosted the webinar and had invited three interesting speakers to share their insights about employability and the skills required in the future of work.

The first speaker was Rosalie Clarke, who talked about “finding your why” and putting together a skill set that will set you apart from the competition.

The second speaker, Pauline Declerck, gave practical tips for CVs and shared her views on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.

The final speaker was Scott Russell, who discussed the trends and requirements in today’s hybrid work environment, all the skills and equipment you need to make remote meetings a success.

The webinar touched the main goals of the SUCSESS project, the increased employability of graduates.

All in all, there were around 60 participants in the webinar. Among the speakers there was a South African based in Australia, a Scot based in Finland and a Belgian based in Spain. The participants of the webinar were from all the partner countries of the SUCSESS project: South Africa, the U.K. and Finland.

We would like to thank the student team for all their efforts of bringing our South African, U.K. and Finnish partners and stakeholders together to share insights about the core issues of our project. Also many thanks to all the speakers and participants of the webinar. This was a learning opportunity for us all!