It's a wrap! Training 2 closing seminar

Training 2 of the SUCSESS project came to an end today in the closing seminar.

The online seminar included many inspiring talks and lots of sharing. The participants shared information and experiences online during the day.

In the second training, there were 5 groups working on the following themes:

  • Entrepreneurial education
  • Students’ self-understanding of their competences. Students’ self-esteem, psychological aspects
  • Online industry engagement
  • Universities/units’ actions in the surrounding society/communities, community perspectives, social innovations for the benefit of the region
  • Use of technology in teaching in an inclusive way and the ways of accommodating teaching according to student diversity

Despite the pandemic, many experiments were made: New platforms were tested and there was cooperation with local communities and businesses.

The participants got a lot of inspiration from each other.

Happy faces online, too, as you can see.

Now everyone is looking forward to the next steps of the project…and, of course, the next training!