Training day 3: Hackathon!

The third training day of training 3 was devoted to the intense hackathon.

All participants, the team online and the face-to-face teams from UJ, UP and UZ were busy developing their solutions for how students could showcase their competences to the world.

The hackathon started at 9 am and by 3 pm it was time to present the results in a pitch.

First to present was the online student team who had an app called GigMe connecting employees and employers in the tourism sector and enabling users to document entrepreneurial competences.

The second solution was provided by University of Pretoria. It was offering the portfolio of the best students on the website, improving access of industry to student profiles.

University of Johannesburg’s FutureMe app was all about guiding the students towards future competences, collaborating with lecturers and marketing the students for the field of work.

University of Zululand had designed a website for students maximising the student competences, pushing their confidence and receiving feedback.

After all the results of the hackathon were presented, Prof Diane Abrahams highlighted that it is always good to get comfortable with the uncomfortable to keep up with the changing world. She also commented that all the solutions were linking so well with employability, the overall theme of the SUCSESS project. UP’s solution was chosen as the winner by the judges. However, the most important thing with the hackathon was to get many diverse ideas to develop further.

All participants certainly learnt new things in today’s hackathon!