Update: The second day of training 4

The theme of day 2 of SUCSESS project training 4 was Lecturer’s Professional Development. The day started with reflective questions facilitated by Marja Lindholm from the University of Oulu. The participants were asked to write down their thoughts on the expectations, goals and challenges of the training and the objectives of the SUCSESS project.

After that Professor Thea Tselepsis from UJ joined us through Zoom from South Africa to discuss teaching portfolio as a concept. She talked about her own experiences and findings.

The presentation was followed by Jarmo Ritalahti and Eva Holmberg leading the group work and discussions about the topic. These were the questions discussed by all:

  • What characterises a good portfolio?
  • What are the benefits of the portfolio?
  • How can the portfolio support your career development?

Dr Siyabulela Nyikana from University of Johannesburg and Prof Masoga from University of Zululand shared their portfolios with the participants to give everyone an idea what a teaching portfolio could be like. There was a lot of interest towards the portfolio. Someone put it so well by stating that a teaching portfolio is a development journey. 

The second topic of the morning session was course development – also a topic which takes one on a journey of development. Haaga-Helia UAS lecturers Eva, Jarmo and Annika shared their experiences with course development and assessment, peer and self-assessment, and how to do that. The discussion centered on why course development is done and what issues are involved in it.

The final and very interesting topic before lunch was sharing updates of the courses piloted in the South African universities.

First, Prof Ikechukwu Ezeuduji from University of Zululand shared his course update with inquiry learning and project-based learning. Akhona Neliswa Melani from University of Johannesburg was next to share her experiences of Design Sprint as a method for teaching and learning. The sprint involved preparing cakes – and also included elements of accounting, management and marketing. Industry partners took part in evaluation and student feedback was gathered to develop the concept. Also, Danolien van den Berg and Hannes Engelbrecht from University of Pretoria shared valuable insights of their course update. We will continue with sharing experiences during the next days of training as well as throughout the rest of the project.

The participants were brave enough to go outside for lunch, even though the Finnish spring weather was not showing its brightest side. The snow and sleet were refreshing, though.

After the lunch break, Kaarina Tervo-Kankare from University of Oulu led the afternoon’s individual and group work about how to make the vision of the SUCSESS project into reality. She also coached the participants to start writing the letter to future self and consider issues like teaching philosophy, added value in teaching and purpose. In the end, the reflections were discussed in small groups. Lots of sharing today!

The third day of training 4 will take the participants to HH Haaga campus to discuss and discover new things and technology related to the day's topic "Industry relations and technological competences".