Kendrick Lamar Drops 'Not Like Us' Music Video Igniting Feud with Drake

Kendrick Lamar Drops 'Not Like Us' Music Video Igniting Feud with Drake

Kendrick Lamar's 'Not Like Us' Video Intensifies Feud with Drake

The hip-hop community is abuzz as Kendrick Lamar releases the music video for his diss track 'Not Like Us.' Originally dropped in May, this track reignited a long-standing rivalry between Lamar and fellow rap titan Drake. The music video showcases moments that appear to directly reference their ongoing conflict, leaving fans and critics alike dissecting every frame for hidden meanings.

The feud between these two luminaries of the hip-hop world began when Kendrick Lamar called out Drake and J. Cole in a verse on 'That.' This sparked an intense back-and-forth that saw both artists hurling accusations and subliminal messages at each other through their music. While there was a lull in diss tracks since May 5, Lamar's latest video keeps the feud alive and well in the public eye.

Symbolism and Visual Jabs in 'Not Like Us'

Symbolism and Visual Jabs in 'Not Like Us'

The 'Not Like Us' video is rich with visual symbols aimed squarely at Drake. One of the most notable scenes is Lamar hitting an owl-shaped pinata, a direct shot at Drake's OVO label, which features an owl as its logo. Lamar’s actions in the video could be seen as a symbolic destruction of his rival’s empire, something that fans and analysts are keenly discussing.

Family and Allegations

A particularly poignant aspect of the video is the inclusion of Lamar's family. His partner and children make appearances, seemingly in response to Drake's earlier claims of domestic issues and paternity doubts. The family scenes appear to counter these allegations, painting Lamar in a different light and adding a personal touch to this very public feud.

Other notable appearances include Lamar's close allies and members of the West Coast hip-hop community such as the Clown, Mar DeRan, and Hippy members. Their inclusion not only underscores Lamar's strong support within his community but also serves as a united front against the claims and jabs made by Drake.

Hidden Messages and Fan Speculation

Hidden Messages and Fan Speculation

The video is filled with Easter eggs that fans and critics are eagerly decoding. For instance, there's a scene where Lamar does push-ups on cinder blocks, which some believe is a response to Drake’s earlier remarks. The beginning of the video also teases a potential new track, leaving fans to wonder whether it’s another diss aimed at Drake or part of an upcoming album. The layered symbolism and visual storytelling have left many eagerly awaiting the next move in this high-stakes rap game.

The Broader Implications

Beyond the personal jabs and pointed references, the 'Not Like Us' video underscores the competitive nature of hip-hop itself. Feuds like the one between Lamar and Drake are nothing new in the genre, harkening back to rivalries like those between Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. These conflicts, while often heated, drive the artists to new creative heights and captivate audiences worldwide.

The release of this video indicates that neither Lamar nor Drake is willing to back down. Both artists are at the pinnacle of their careers, with millions of fans who eagerly anticipate their every move. This ongoing feud, therefore, isn’t just about personal slights; it’s about artistic dominance, cultural influence, and the ever-present quest for legacy within the music industry.


Kendrick Lamar’s 'Not Like Us' music video added another chapter to his storied rivalry with Drake. With symbolic visuals, personal rebuttals, and layers of meaning, Lamar has once again captured the hip-hop community’s attention. While it remains to be seen what Drake's response will be, one thing is certain: this feud is far from over, and the drama unfolding will keep fans and critics engaged in the ongoing saga of these two rap titans.

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