Kenya Forest Service Unveils 220 Permanent Jobs: Application Guide and Details

Kenya Forest Service Unveils 220 Permanent Jobs: Application Guide and Details

Kenya Forest Service Opens 220 Permanent Job Positions

The Kenya Forest Service (KFS), a key player in the country’s environmental conservation efforts, has recently announced a substantial recruitment drive aimed at filling 220 permanent and pensionable job openings. These roles span across 26 different sections and offer a variety of positions. From entry-level office assistants to specialized technical roles, the opportunities cater to a wide range of qualifications and professional backgrounds.

Diverse Job Roles Available

KFS has categorized these vacancies into multiple roles, providing opportunities for individuals with different skill sets. Some of the key positions include:

  • Office Assistant III/Nursery/Enumerator: 32 posts.
  • Plant Operator III: 10 posts.
  • Driver III: 20 posts.
  • Records Management Assistant III: 30 posts.
  • Customer Care Assistant: 2 posts.
  • Officer Administrator Assistant III: 32 posts.
  • ICT Assistants: 10 posts.
  • Accounts Assistant II: 15 posts.
  • Human Resource Management Assistant II: 15 posts.
  • Librarian: 2 posts.
  • Inspector of Roads: 7 posts.
  • Survey Assistant: 7 posts.
  • Supply Chain Management Assistant: 8 posts.
  • Administrative Assistant: 5 posts.
  • Corporate Communications Assistant II: 3 posts.
  • Various technical and administrative positions.

This wide array of job roles reflects KFS’s commitment to enhancing its operational capacity while also providing employment opportunities to a diverse pool of candidates. Each position comes with specific requirements and responsibilities, aiming to ensure that the right candidates are selected for the roles.

Qualifications and Requirements

For those interested in applying, KFS has set forth various qualification criteria depending on the role. Most positions demand at least a diploma, reflecting the technical expertise required. Other roles are more accessible and accept applicants with a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) Grade D+.

This inclusivity in qualification requirements widens the pool of eligible applicants, allowing individuals from different educational backgrounds to participate in the recruitment process. It underscores KFS’s dedication to building a competent workforce that embodies a wide array of skills and experiences.

Compensation and Benefits

Successful applicants can look forward to an array of benefits that come with these permanent positions. KFS has announced that the roles will include various allowances such as house, commuter, medical, risk, hardship, and annual leave allowances. The salaries for these positions range from Ksh30,000 to Ksh300,000, reflecting the diverse nature of the roles and the varying levels of responsibility associated with each.

These compensation packages are designed to attract and retain skilled professionals who can contribute to KFS’s mission of sustainable forest management and conservation in Kenya. By offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits, KFS aims to ensure job satisfaction and long-term employment stability.

Application Procedure

The application process for these job openings is meticulous, ensuring that only qualified and serious candidates are considered. Interested individuals must first complete an online registration on the KFS website. This step is crucial as it captures preliminary information and sets the stage for subsequent application stages.

Following the online registration, applicants are required to submit a hard copy of their application, accompanied by all necessary documents. This dual-step process emphasizes the importance of thoroughness and attention to detail in the application process. All applications must be submitted by July 1, 2024, giving candidates ample time to prepare their applications.


This recruitment drive by KFS is a significant opportunity for job seekers in Kenya, offering a range of positions that cater to different qualifications and experiences. The meticulous selection process and attractive compensation packages reflect KFS’s commitment to building a reliable and skilled workforce dedicated to environmental conservation.

As the application deadline approaches, it is expected that there will be a high level of interest in these roles. Potential applicants are encouraged to complete their applications meticulously and promptly to avoid last-minute challenges.

The Kenya Forest Service's initiative not only aims to bolster its workforce but also to contribute positively to the country's employment rates, offering secure and rewarding job opportunities to hundreds of individuals. This recruitment drive stands as a testament to KFS’s ongoing efforts to manage and conserve Kenya’s forest resources effectively.

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