Blog update: Reflection, reflection, reflection!

Training 1, Day 4 

Reflection, Reflection, Reflection

Today on this rainy summer’s day in Johannesburg we started with Training 1 Session 4 of the SUCSESSS project training with our partners from South Africa, Finland and the United Kingdom. So I would like to reflect on today’s training which was all about “Reflection on experiential training”.

Our session began with an open platform on Zoom where the participants had to reflect on what was learnt thus far from the training sessions. Each of us had to jot down words that expressed our views. A word cloud was then created to summarize our collective thoughts.

The themes that emerged from the self-reflection exercise gave us a clear indication of best practices and opportunities for further learning.

We then broke up into smaller groups where we had to discuss experiential learning in the South African context. Here we reflected on the challenges and opportunities that the South African universities, i.e. University of Johannesburg, University of Zululand and the University of Pretoria experience in experiential learning. Some of the common challenges mentioned were: student placements, work readiness, travel and accommodation challenges experienced by students during work integrated learning, disjuncture between universities and industry, relevancy of the curriculum etc. Some of the common opportunities mentioned were: the use of technology in experiential learning (VR, AR, simulation etc.), training opportunities for academics, students and industry, equipping students with technological and entrepreneurial skills as well as emotional intelligence.  

Our last task for the session was to discuss as a group on what “new thinking” was offered in the training thus far:

  • For you as a lecturer
  • For you as a member of faculty

Some interesting views were shared such as: Innovation ways of using technology in teaching, supporting students with self-esteem, promote inclusivity when using technology, new ways of doing work integrated learning and the flipped classroom experience.

All the training sessions have been truly inspiring thus far and from reflecting on the points mentioned above it can be clearly seen that we have learnt a lot about innovative teaching methods. I am thoroughly enjoying the training sessions and I cannot wait to implement these new innovative ideas in my classroom.   

I now look forward to the next session which is on possibilities of inquiry learning. 

Written by:

Dr Hema Kesa, 

FERL Director, 

The University of Johannesburg, 

School of Tourism and Hospitality

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