Blog update: Participant reflection on Session 2 of the SUCSESS project training

Training 1, day 2

PARTICIPANT REFLECTION on Session 2 of the SUCSESS project training

Wednesday: 17 February

Today marked the second training day of the SUCSESS project training, bringing together academics from the partner universities in South Africa, Finland and the UK. In the breakout rooms of the Zoom session today we brainstormed ideas to answer the three critical questions regarding curriculum reform to improve employability for university students in 2030. These were the questions and in a nutshell some of the answers we came up with.

Question 1:
What are the competences required for employability of university students in South Africa in 2030?

Future job creators should be able to apply critical thinking in complex, unpredictable environments where their resilience will be crucial to execute the procedural knowledge that will be required for the future tourism and hospitality industry. These job creators will be supported by technological advances within the industry, therefore they will need to be technically up to date.

Question 2:
How can lecturers at the university support the development of these competences?

The research conducted by UP suggested that university lecturers in South Africa play an enormous role in the career choices of students.
The flipped classroom experience that we implemented for the practical culinary sessions at the beginning of the Covid pandemic illustrated that we could be more resourceful with fewer resources to achieve the required outcomes for the course.

Question 3:
What changes should be made at the university level?

The course content should continuously support the changes that are happening within the industry.
Therefore, the transition between university and the industry should be a seamless transition as students should be able to start working in industry after their courses as professional staff due to the skills they acquired during their courses.

The collaboration between the various universities bring insights on best practices. I look forward to the next aspects and I am enjoying being part of this exceptionally relevant project.

I look forward to next session which is the benchmarking and gap analysis session!

Kind regards

Ms. Ita Geyser

Culinary practical lecturer

School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH)

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

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