Sophia Momodu's Defiant Response to Davido's Custody Battle Over Daughter Imade

Sophia Momodu's Defiant Response to Davido's Custody Battle Over Daughter Imade

Sophia Momodu's Defiant Response to Davido's Custody Battle Over Daughter Imade

Sophia Momodu has officially responded to a lawsuit filed by Nigerian music sensation Davido concerning the custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Imade. This unfolding legal battle offers a deeper glimpse into the complexities of their relationship and highlights the trials faced by parents in public limelight.

Legal Actions and Allegations

On April 17, 2024, Davido, whose full name is David Adeleke, formally launched a lawsuit seeking joint custody of Imade. According to the court documents, Davido has accused Sophia of rejecting a lavish N200 million apartment he procured for their daughter's welfare. Furthermore, he alleges that Sophia demanded an $800 monthly salary for Imade's nanny. These claims paint a picture of financial disputes overshadowing their co-parenting efforts.

Sophia, however, has presented a different narrative. According to her statements, she has not denied Davido access to their daughter but has refused his intimate advances. She asserts that her focus remains on Imade's well-being and that she only desires a co-parent without additional complications.

Financial Responsibilities and Child Support

Sophia emphasizes that she has borne the sole responsibility for Imade's expenses, including rent, living costs, healthcare, and school fees. According to her, Davido has not fulfilled his financial duties and has been absent from their daughter's life since July 2022. Her frustration is palpable as she recounts how Davido has missed significant milestones and special occasions, causing emotional strain on Imade.

In her defense, Sophia claims that the N200 million apartment was not conducive to her and Imade's needs. She believes that her decisions have always been in the best interest of their daughter, challenging Davido's portrayal of her demands as unreasonable.

Allegations of Harassment and Abuse

Beyond the financial and custody issues, Sophia has made serious allegations against Davido, accusing him of harassment and verbal abuse. She claims that Davido has threatened to make her life miserable if she does not make herself sexually available to him. These allegations introduce a troubling dimension to their already strained relationship, highlighting the difficulties faced by many women in adopting independent lifestyles.

Sophia expresses a desire to move forward in her life, free from intimidation and abuse. She emphasizes her need for a peaceful environment where she can continue to raise Imade with love and care.

A Mother's Determination

As the legal battle continues, Sophia's resilience remains evident. She stands firm in her commitment to protect Imade and provide her with a stable and nurturing environment. Sophia's response to the lawsuit underscores her determination to shield her daughter from the uncertainties and conflicts that accompany public and prominent parental disputes.

The case also sheds light on broader societal issues, such as the challenges single mothers face in securing financial support and stability, especially when entangled with high-profile individuals. It brings into focus the emotional strain and psychological impact of such legal battles on the children involved.

Public and Media Reactions

The public and media responses to this case have been diverse and intense. Some sympathize with Sophia, recognizing the enormous challenges that come with single parenthood and dealing with a high-profile former partner. Others debate Davido's role and question the motivations behind both parties' actions. The widespread attention this custody battle has garnered reflects not only the couple's celebrity status but also the intricate dynamics of modern co-parenting arrangements.

Despite the various narratives and opinions, the primary concern remains the well-being of young Imade. As both parents navigate the legal processes, the hope is that a resolution prioritizes her happiness and stability. The outcome of this case could potentially set a precedent for similar disputes among high-profile personalities, influencing public perceptions and legal approaches to custody and co-parenting.


In conclusion, Sophia Momodu's response to Davido's lawsuit over their daughter Imade's custody reveals a complex interplay of personal, financial, and emotional issues. Her allegations against Davido add a layer of gravity to the case, underscoring the challenges of co-parenting under the public eye. As the legal battle unfolds, it will be essential for both parties to navigate their differences with a focus on what's best for Imade, ensuring her well-being remains at the forefront of all decisions.

This case continues to evolve, and it serves as a poignant reminder of the difficulties that many face in balancing parental responsibilities, personal freedom, and public scrutiny. The world watches as Sophia and Davido work through their personal struggles, hoping for a resolution that promotes peace and care for their daughter.

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